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    JTD provides excellent service to customers, both by thoughts and deeds. With "customer-centered" as corporate purpose,we hace established a strong professional installation team and a nationwide after-sales service network and accessories supply system to provide customers with 7 * 24-hour services. Every customer has no worries about our products.


    精細養護 終生無憂


    Careful Maintenance, No Worries.

    Jieteda has created a standardized maintenance units for elevator equipments. Under our careful maintenance, the full life of the product can be extended to up to 10 years. This is a value-added services, and a protection of customers’ investment.


    服務平臺 時刻守候


    Service Platform is Ready Anytime

    Customers’ queries will be quickly responsed day and night, all the year rounf. Jieteda provides faster service. Meanwhile, we take the initiative to understand all the links you may be concerned about and provide personalized services when needed.


    全國范圍 使命必達?


    Customer Order is our Mission to be Completed Immediately.

    Excellence stems from professionalism, Our after-sale service network has spread nationwide, and each maintainer is the country are highly trained and skilled, which ensures that the most comprehensive and high-quality service is provided to you immediately.

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